Adjust the temperature setting on the heater to 120 F

REDCOAST LTD Eco-Living Developers have been active in the real estate development sector since 2003.  Under the umbrella of sustainable design, the company utilises construction methods and techniques that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The whole philosophy is based on a bioclimatic, advanced and modern architectural design and energy efficient planning with the additional bonus of using renewable energy sources

Bioclimatic design is achieved with the right positioning of the building within the plot, appropriate design of openings, correct usage of shading devices, utilization of smart construction methods such as composite walls with ventilated cladding facades and extensive thermal insulation. The use of greenery and plants has been carefully and methodically undertaken, using nature for the improvement of the microclimate of each residence. With correct bioclimatic planning you can save up to 80% of a building’s energy requirement in heating, cooling and lighting. more


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