Microwaves use 50% less energy than conventional ovens.

For Energy Efficient Design, we use renewable energy systems and technologies such as solar energy and combine these with bioclimatic design principles to achieve even better efficiency.  The selection of appropriate, qualitative equipment and systems is crucial in helping us achieve minimum running costs and maximum performance.  At REDCOAST LTD we have chosen the Austrian firm HARREITHER with their pioneering heating and cooling systems that offer a healthy living environment through renewable energy sources, thus leading to a substantial reduction in running costs.  For quality lighting we chose LED lighting technology.  The Italian firm i-led, represented in Cyprus by DIMCO PLC, supplies REDCOAST with LED lighting systems that save up to 90% on electricity when compared to more conventional systems.

At REDCOAST we care for the environment and the future of our planet.  Through our projects we try and we do cut down on CO2 emissions, whilst maintaining low running costs and longevity through our construction methods.

Our ultimate goal is to realise accomplished buildings that provide for pleasant, healthy living with natural green spaces, energy efficiency and a modern design in one package that will change your way of life.

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